What if we could heal the world by listening to each other and focusing on what we love about our communities?
I Wonder….

Hello everyone! I am Debra DiPietro, your host and I am so glad you are here. I am the author of Short Morning Prayers: A Collection of Heart Felt Prayers to Start Your Day available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other fine outlets and for two years hosted Courageously Go! (still can be heard on iHeartRadio) A show for women about living our most heart filled courageous lives possible.   

After taking a year off from podcasting, I was inspired to create this new show. With so much division and fear in my own country the USA and around the world, I wanted to give to our global community something positive, focused on love, and connecting with one another.  

You can read more about the inspiration for this project in my welcome post in the blog.

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