First Podcast is Live! Featured Guest Martial Arts Master Quynh Ngo

I am so excited to announce that our first show is live! Thank you so much to my first guest, Quynh Ngo. When I first announced to friends and family that a new podcast concept was in the works, Quynh reached out to me and said: “Debbie DiPietro, give me a call”!

I could not have asked for a better guest. Quynh has lived an interesting life from the time his family fled Vietnam when he was a young boy, to being the leader of an international Martial Arts style, and running his own motivational speaking and coaching business. To learn more you can visit his websites: and

Together, Quynh and I touched on many topics including why America is such a great country, the importance of living with an open heart, and the opportunities we all have if we are willing to work hard.
You may listen here:

Feel free to let me know how you enjoy the show and I would most appreciate you help me get the word out and share!
I think many of us are tired of the division we are experiencing within our community. This show’s aim is to be a positive alternative. I wonder what would happen if we listened to each other with the goal of understanding? What if we were open to other viewpoints and found a way to mend those bridges (with love)? I wonder…. Enjoy!

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2 Replies to “First Podcast is Live! Featured Guest Martial Arts Master Quynh Ngo”

  1. Marvelous show and what a start with having Quin on . I have known him and his family for over 40 years. I have been a Math High School teacher here in Gainesville for 37 years and our Son Chris earned an Adult Blackbelt in this style. Amazing person with a marvelous insight and great respect for our Country. Good luck with your endeavors and this show.

    1. Thank you so much Bob! My husband John has been active in the style for decades (starting in Gainesville when he was a college student). I appreciate your support. Yes, Quynh is awesome. 🙂


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