Meet My New Friend From Karachi, Pakistan: Umama Batool Qazi

One perk about doing a podcast is the connections you make. I love this medium! Thanks to this show, I now feel as if I have a friend and family that I can go and hang out with in Karachi, Pakistan. So, how cool is that?!

I am excited to introduce Umama to all of you. She is a very impressive young professional woman. You will enjoy our conversation and like me, you may start to do a little travel planning to Pakistan…

My friend, Umama Batool Qazi

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Thank you, Umama. I so enjoyed our conversation and I am excited about visiting you and your family one day in your beautiful country.



Having these conversations around the world…. so much fun! It’s not such a big world after all …

To work with Umama, her website is: