Another podcast is live! Rhett Farber talks about life in China, Joggling, and more.

I would like to thank my friend, Rhett Farber, for being a guest on my new show, Wonder Around the World. Rhett has lived an interesting life and has spent many years abroad living in China.
Tune in here and learn about what inspired him to live in such a far away place….

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Podcast Coming Soon!

I am excited to announce that we just recorded our first round of shows. The first episode will air next month, on October 5th. As we get closer I will share more information with you…

We had a wonderfully diverse group of guests today… one is a gentleman who is the head of an international martial arts style and businessman and whose family fled communist Vietnam on a tiny boat in the 70’s when he was a 12 year old child…

Another guest is a young 22 year old college student who is in Florida now and grew up in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Our third guest we spoke with today is a Florida resident who has spent decades living in Taipei and Shanghai.

Lastly, I had a reunion of sorts with an old friend who I met 34 years ago when I was a young American college student spending her summer in Switzerland. He called in from Neuchatel, Switzerland and we had such a fun talk.

We are working on some details for the show, and it will all be coming together soon. So stay tuned!

If you would be interested in being a future guest, book a recording session now! I promise that once this is under way the slots will fill up fast.

It has been a year since I last hosted my podcast, Courageously Go! and I had almost forgotten what a fun medium this is.

Her’s to keeping wonder alive and appreciating what we have in our won backyards while learning about and visiting again one day other cultures.