Keeping the Wonder Alive

I am excited about this new project of ours! Tomorrow is our first recording session for the podcast. I have four awesome guests lined up…. One is a gentleman whose family fled Vietnam in the 70s in a tiny boat. One is a friend of mine who has spent decades living in places like Shanghai, China and Taipei. The third guest is my daughter’s former college roommate, a young woman who is studying here in Florida and is from St. Petersburg, Russia. Lastly, my old friend from Switzerland who has lived in many fascinating places around the globe and is now back home in Neuchatel, Switzerland.

I will keep you updated of course when the shows are available to listen to.

With all of the stress, fear, negativity, and division going on right now, how do we keep wonder alive? At a basic level, that is really what Wonder Around the World is about.

One of my favorite out of the box thinkers and authors is Osho and he wrote in his book Courage The Joy of Living Dangerously, ” Don’t call it uncertainty, call it wonder”.

There is certainly a lot of uncertainty in today’s world right now (how is that for a sentence)?

Many of us are so challenged with what is going on as it relates to our careers, our kids’ education, our health, social lives, finances, and missing all of the things that have been cancelled that we enjoy doing. Rather than get depressed, what can we do to energize our minds, hearts, and spirits? I believe the answer is connection. Connection with ourselves and something bigger than ourselves. I believe in our global community. We are here for one another and we need each other. The world is crying out right now for some openness, love, and unity.

Let us keep our minds open, ask questions, and learn from one another. I would love nothing more than for us all to get back and maintain that sense of wonder we all had as little children. Remember?

To be continued…. (we are going to have some fun)!